Introducing the Untold Engine

Hi there,

We are super excited to introduce to you the Untold Engine. The Untold Engine is a 3D game engine written in C++ and Metal Graphics (API).

So what can the Untold Engine do?

This is the part where I should brag about the engine, right? Well, I won't. To be honest with you, the Untold Engine is still in its infancy. It does not have all the features of other mature engines currently in the market. Nor, do I want you to think that the Untold Engine is more special than the other engines. It is Not. The only distinctive aspect of the engine is that it was created through sweat and perseverance by an indie-developer in his bedroom.

The Untold Engine has all the essential features you would expect from a 3D game engine. It has a:

  • Math Engine
  • Rendering Engine
  • Physics Engine
  • Collision Detection System
  • Particle System
  • Digital Asset Importer
  • And it supports iOS and Mac devices.

You can develop a game like this:


Or develop a game to play on your mac:


What else do you provide?

The purpose of the Untold Engine is to help you understand how game engines work. I want to share with you everything I learned throughout the development of the engine. Thus, aside from the source code, we also provide in-depth articles on Game Engine Development. And 3D models which you can use to put into practice what you have learned.

3D Models

Thanks for reading,

The Untold Engine Team

Harold Serrano

Computer Graphics Enthusiast. Currently developing a 3D Game Engine.