The state of the engine: Beta-v0.0.10.1

Hi there,

Since the release of the engine, I've been swamped documenting the engine C++ classes, writing How-To articles, documenting how to use the Untold Engine, testing the engine with several mini-games and fixing several issues in the engine.

I'm happy to say that I was able to figure out how to use Doxygen for the engine's documentation. I tried to use Gitbook and Read The Docs, unfortunately, they don't work well with C++ projects. In the end, I decided to use Doxygen to document the engine. Check it out.

The main improvement in the latest version beta- is the Camera. The Camera can behave as a Third Person Camera, First Person Camera, and a Basic Follow Camera. The video below shows an example.


Here is a summary of the Fixes and Improvements in Beta-v0.0.10.1

  • Updated the gitignore file to exclude pch files.
    • It was forcing the user to create a pch file after downloading the engine.
  • Engine would hang if models were not within the camera view frustum.
    • The issue was mainly related to the rendering during the shadow process.
  • Modified the viewInDirection method for the Light entity.
    • Improved the implementation for maintainance purposes. The flow process is clearer.
  • Modify the viewInDirection method for 3D Model entities.
    • Realized the initial implementation failed for corner cases.
  • Clean methods in U4DJoyStick which were no longer used. Clean up the class.
  • Implemented a Camera System- First person camera, Third person camera, and basic follow camera

Well, thanks for reading. I will keep you posted.

Harold Serrano

Computer Graphics Enthusiast. Currently developing a 3D Game Engine.