An easy to use 3D Game Engine

The Untold Engine is an easy to use, open source, 3D game engine for iOS/macOS game development.

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  • The Untold Engine is a 3D game engine written in C++ and Metal Graphics (API).
  • The game engine is capable of rendering 3D models with textures/normal maps, Shadows, 3D model animations, Skyboxes.
  • It contains a Digital Asset Importer used to import 3D models from Blender.
  • Is capable of detecting collision between any convex models.
  • It emulates physical forces such as gravity, drag, torque.
  • It makes use of quaternions and dual quaternions for all rotations and translations.
  • It supports fonts, sprites, particle systems and various camera types.


To run the engine, you need the following tools:


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